The Storyteller of the lens

meet andre


I first started my love of photography a few years ago, but it was only till about 2019 I really wanted to start learning more about it and dive headfirst into it.

I started binge watching Peter McKinnon's videos and dude something with the way he delivers his message through his videos just made me want to go out and shoot something, so I was determined to get a camera, and then around August of 2020 a co-worker let me use his Nikon D3200, then I just fell in love with photography even more so. I wanted to go to the mountains just about every weekend to hike and take pictures over and over again, and I did a few times. Then I started to try and get myself out there in the industry, so I asked a local coffee shop if I could help them with taking pics of products they needed pictures for, and they let me! That's when I felt I was really something even with an 8yr old camera! It then came time for me to start saving up for a more relevant camera because after learning a ton through videos I've watched I knew so much but was limited because I didn't actually own a camera. So I started researching what camera would be best for me and my style, and I came to the conclusion that for my budget it was a Canon 90D, I had also bought a Sigma f2.8 17-50mm lens about two weeks before to make sure I had a good lens before the big purchase. So once I had the camera I knew it was perfect for me once I learned it, I had never wanted to go out so much until I got the camera. And now I'm in this never ending cycle of wanting to take photos of everything, the love for this pursuit of photography has completely consumed me and I am here for it!

The Unplanned Perfect Trip

I discovered this place through doing some research on rock outlooks in Georgia and I discovered this mountain called Yonah Mtn. Little did I know that it'd be one of my favorite places to go in the state so far. That weekend I decided just to yolo it and go, I never planned this trip to turn out as awesome as it did, I started climbing in the 30-40 degree weather, and it started to get really cloudy, but I just kept climbing, about 20 min from the top it started to snow and I was loosing it, it kept on snowing and snowing so when I got to the top of course I was extremely ecstatic about all the snow, It was perfect! I ate lunch and just took it all in like it was my first time ever seeing snow. I couldn't have asked for better conditions!

An experience I will never forget.