Andre's Approach In Classic Portraiture and Timeless Moments


I will ensure that you will leave not only with gorgeous photos and like you were hanging out with a friend (cause you definitely were). I want to make sure everything I give is nothing but genuine connection and pure elegance.

Frequent Questions Asked

What can I expect from you as my photographer?

- You can expect a genuine friend and connection, I will do whatever is necessary to make sure you are not only comfortable but enjoy my company and make you feel like an old friend! We can vibe to your favorite music during the shoot and if you want we can go get tacos or coffee after the shoot ends, I'd love to hang out!
I love creating memories with my clients not just for them!

How do I book a shoot?

You can choose multiple ways!
- Directly through my website via Email (Include Details) , or you can choose to DM me directly through Instagram/Facebook and I will send you a link to book.
- Or you can do my favorite way by meeting in person over a cup of coffee/tea or a little snack! Just throw me an email!
- Also I can send you a link to start the process of booking and getting the important details set up! Just Text/Email/DM me anytime!

How do I know which package is best for me?

- Contact me and I will recommend the best bang for your buck session from the information I have received from you for the session details!

What is your turnaround time?

- Depending on the type of session, turnaround time will typically be 2-3 work weeks!

How many images and where will I receive them?

- Depends on the choice of your package!
- I have a special personalized gallery that I will deliver to you once all photos are processed and edited.

Where are you based?

- I am located in Conyers GA, 30 minutes East of Atlanta, GA.

What's you're favorite coffee?

- I actually really enjoy Stumptown Coffee, their coffee has very rich flavour and it isn't so bold that I feel like taking over the world.